10+ Funny Photos Of Pets Who Look Just Like The Pope With A Slipper On Their Heads

If there is one thing we all love doing with our pets, it’s annoying them just a little bit. We love pranking our pets and dressing them up in funny little outfits. And they tolerate it all for the most part because they love us.
It’s no secret that a lot of pet owners like to mildly annoy their furry friends every once in a while. It’s all in good fun, of course. Apparently, somewhere along the line of trying to come up with new ways to do that, someone decided to put a slipper on their pet’s head. After that, they took a photo, uploaded it to the interwebs, and the rest is history. Go ahead and have a little giggle or five about these adorable doggos and cattos looking like mini Popes.

1. A blurry Pope with a lavender headdress.

2.Hooman, we’ll need a bigger shoe🤪

3. A sleepy Pope?

4. Looks ready…for whatever he was ready for.


6. You will pay for this HOOMAN!

7. I like it, it matches me.

8. Not impressed…at all…pink hooman? Seriously?

9. The void has become pope.

10. Hooman, go back to work…🤦‍♀️