10+ Things We Realized After We Rescued a Shelter Dog – PETS

Adopting an animal is a responsible decision that changes the dog’s, and even your own, life. Bird Born, an artist from Russia, tells a story of a dog that became a true member of his family. Together they managed to go through fire and water and Bird Born knows that each ripped pillow is worth that endless love that his dog gives him.

A house becomes a home when there is a pet in it. Most of the time, we are often getting irritated and frustrated with our daily happenings and it is not possible to have a cool mind always with our family members. At such times, if we have a dog friend to share our grief and frustration, we can easily calm down our minds and we will even be ready to forgive the ones who hurt us. Dogs are good lovers and they will teach us how to love and when to love. That is why most dog owners are really sensitive and are much loved by everyone.

So scroll down to see how a dog can change human life and we also say “thank you” to all the caring people who gave love and a second chance to those who had almost lost their hope for a happy life.

We had these problems and we had to find the answers.

And we noticed these things of her.

She was kind of afraid and we had to have a plan to make her feel comfortable.

With time she started to feel safe and happy.

With her, our lives started to change too.

Well, she simply became a family member.

She started to decide somethings in our lives too.

Never seen someone get excited as she does when we came home.

We are happy about what we feel.

It is not much but for her we could be the best thing ever happened to he.










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