10+ Times Cats Were Stung By Bees – We Can’t Decide Whether To Laugh Or Cry For Them – Funny Pets

Getting sᴛᴜɴɢ by a bee or a wasp is never a laughing matter — but the stings can create quite the funny-looking allergic reactions. The funniest bee sting and wasp sting reactions tend to happen in cats — their cute faces are adorably swollen and we can’t help but giggle a bit.

Scroll down for some pretty hilarious cat pictures; it’s always funny to laugh at somebody else’s little misfortunes, even if it’s a cat.

This guy who’s definitely regretting his life choices right about now.

A friend’s cat got stung on the chin

This poor paw-patroller just wants you to hold him.

This little kitty who’s now known as Patch Adams.

This guy who’s not wearing a snood. Nope.

This lady who’s considering cutting down on the Botox.

This sophisti-cat who’s totally styling it out.

 This cat’s swollen chin creates more of a Jay Leno look.