A man carries his paraplegic puppy in his arms to enjoy the rain: “He still loves it”

“Dogged” is a word that means stubbornly tenacious, and when it comes to devotion, there’s nobody can loyal than a dog. Taking care of a pet is as great a responsibility as raising a child because, in the end, it is a living being that will depend completely on the attention of its human father. That is why, when having a furry friend at home, it is important to understand that there will be good times and bad times, but the most important thing is to always be near him.

For that reason, good pet caregivers will do everything possible so that their companion enjoys life even when his body no longer responds as before. That’s what Agea Santos from Salvador de Bahia, Brazil, does after her puppy suffers a stroke and she worries about continuing to live her normal life.

Agea Santos, who will always be there for his furry friend, Alvin, who suffered a stroke and can no longer stand up as before, said, “I will take care of you until the end my furry son.”

Similar to raising a child, taking care of a pet is a great responsibility because it is a living creature that will depend solely on the attention of its human father.

One of the things that his dog, named Alvin, loved the most was running in the rain and playing with the water. Despite the fact that he can no longer walk and has difficulty standing, Santos carries him in his arms so that the furry can still enjoy the water falling on him.

This can be seen in a video that he shared on his account on the social network Instagram, where you can see the moment when the canine falls to the ground while walking, but his owner quickly approaches him, takes him in his arms, and lifts him up so that feel the rain.
He still enjoys running in the rain and spending time in the water. After all that had happened, she wanted to recapture a joyful moment. My furry child, I’ll take care of you all the way through.

Santos wrote in the post, “I want to convey my gratitude to my wife Ray for taking such fantastic care of him,” Santos wrote in the post.

Now, the dog was undergoing physiotherapy with a professional and acupuncture with another; he will return soon since it is really beneficial to his recuperation.



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