Abandoned dog, one of them caring for his wounded friend

Dogs are man’s best friends, but obviously many people do not think so. Each day, each hour, there are still so many dogs around us who are being badly treated. Dog fighting lives are miserable, they are not cared for or loved, they are forced into тᴇʀʀιʙʟᴇ fights, and if they don’t, they end up like Layla and Gracie.

Two dog mixes have been found near ᴅᴇ.ᴀтн in a park, but what moved those who rescued them was that while one of them couldn’t even get up from the pain, his faithful canine companion was also left behind At a cʀιтιcᴀʟ juncture, taking care of him.


Because they found the right person, the two dogs were helped, and authorities were ιɴvoʟvᴇᴅ in finding those responsible for animal cʀuᴇʟтʏ.

Dogs are loyal to their masters, but also to their friends in the pack. Layla and Gracie were abandoned like trash in a park near Philadelphia, USA. Both of them were in poor physical condition, especially Grace, who didn’t even have the strength to get up, so her partner chose her to keep her warm.

“She was so sad… The young dog was abandoned with her babies beside the road and she did not move for several days. Her pain broke our hearts. Some people are so cruel!”


Some passersby stopped to try to help the dog and they called the rescue center. They cried in despair that broke the heart of a mild man and he came much more identified to assist these poor babies.
People passing by who thought they were ᴅᴇ.ᴀᴅ told authorities where Officer Harper was. He couldn’t believe they showed signs of being ʙᴇ.ᴀтᴇɴ, but it wasn’t human äbüsë, they were вeating the dogs.

They were also approached by a police officer serving an animal organization called Rescue for Justice, and that’s when a dog, who was in better condition, approached her, but she thought he was going to нιт her because she closed her eyes, Head down.

“Lyla came up to me, wagging her tail, but she closed her eyes like she thought she was going to get нιт,” Harper said.