Abandoned dog refuses to leave cardboard box, waiting for owner to return

Dogs are such loyal and loving animals. Any pet owner knows the joy of coming home and seeing your dog excitedly greeting you like they had been waiting for you all along. But sadly, sometimes dogs are loyal to owners who don’t deserve or reciprocate their love. That was the case for one poor pup, who was abandoned in a cardboard box but kept waiting in vain for her owner to return, in spite of the grueling heat.

When a woman saw her, the sun of a hot summer day had already risen, but the four-legged girl had remained inside the box, regardless of having neither food nor water, regardless of the 40 degrees of temperature: ” move from the box. She was just waiting for someone to come back, ”says Patti Dawson, president of Dallas Dog.

According to nonprofit rescue Dallas Dog, the 10-month-old puppy was left on the side of the road. Despite everything, the pup refused to move from her box.

“She just sat there,” Dallas Dog said. “Waiting and waiting hoping someone would come back. She never left… she just stayed in the box waiting.”

He was only 10 months old. And for a whole night she stayed inside a box. There where someone has decided to abandon it in a residential neighborhood. In that small space that is a place of abandonment, but also the last link with that owner who left it to her fate.

She had been abandoned, left in the middle of nowhere by her owner — but the dog didn’t seem to know that, and loyally waited for them to return. She didn’t budge — even though she was out in the sweltering heat. The temperature was reportedly over 104 degrees, with a head index over 110.
Thankfully, a neighbor found the dog and gave her water. She called animal control, who came and picked her up.

Even on the way to the shelter, Harvest never tried to get out of the box. Animal control officers even thought she might have some form of paralysis. But it wasn’t like that: she eventually came out of the box, but the shelter volunteers decided to leave her in the cage anyway because “she was her safety,” Dawson said.

Harvest spent the first few days at the shelter huddled in a corner of his kennel: “Of her you could only see her shoulders and her body shaking with fear,” the woman continues.

“They left the box in her kennel because that was her security,” Dallas Dog president Patti Dawson told. “You could just see her shoulders and body trembling from fear.”










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