Adorable ‘Unicorn’ Puppy Has One Ear In The Middle Of Her Head – Pet Moment

It’s no surprise that this cute little unicorn pup is getting so much attention. She is simply adorable. The reason why she looks so unique makes us love her even more.

When the little golden retriever name Rae was born, apparently her mom played with her a bit rougher than she should have and accidentally removed one of her ears. As her tiny body healed, her other ear migrated up to the top of her head! She is able to hear and is now known as the “Unicorn Dog.”

The ‘accidental ɪɴjᴜʀy’ referred to in the account bio is believed to be Rae’s mum playing with her a little too roughly when she was younger, leaving one of her ears needing to be removed. However, it’s evident the ᴀᴄᴄɪᴅᴇɴᴛ hasn’t debilitated the gorgeous golden retriever in any way, as she can still hear through her one ear.

The sweet fluffer, Unipupper, is charming as she can be. She already has thousands of adoring fans-over 35,000 and counting. Her adorable face is taking over the Internet and her ear is just the topping on the cute cupcake.

“Everyone is surprised how one ear works. Because it is still so far from where the canal was. We do not know how to answer this question. We just know it works,” – said Brianna

People are understandably loving Rae – just like us – with lots of fans leaving comments on her super cute pictures dubbing her a ‘unipupper‘.



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