After Saving Her Life, A Police Officer Adopts An Abandoned Injured Puppy

There is a hero in all of us, more often than not, dogs feel that, too. Among all the situations we encounter daily, there is always a touching story behind them. This is a story about a miniature pup that was abandoned and has been wandering the streets of Los Angeles ever since.

Officer Rogers checked finds and brought the dog to a nearby veterinarian. She on the puppy throughout her shift to ensure she was alright until Kennebec Humane Society officials arrived. Officer Rogers even had a meal with the dog, and the two of them had formed a deep relationship.

The dog did not want to leave Officer Rogers and just kept following him wherever he went. Seeing how tiny he was, the officer could not bear to leave dog behind, and since he was too tiny and young to live on the streets on his own, he consulted Officer Tavera and decided to bring along dog with them to the police station.

Officers Rogers and Tavera did an investigation and found out that the dog owner has abandoned him. Rogers knew she had to do more to help this sweet dog. They were never adopted, so she chose to foster her until she was suitable for adoption. When it came time for her to find a new home, Rogers couldn’t let her go. They both decided to find a new home for the dog by sending him to an animal shelter until a new owner would adopt him.


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