After years of neglect, puppy kisses his rescuer for giving him faith in humanity again

A call came to a local shelter about a poor stray dog, who was in very bad condition roaming the streets of Mexico. So, Wilmer DG and some other rescuers directly went to the scene to save the dog, who was starving.

Wilmer DG and some different rescuers immediately went to the scene to keep the canine, who turned ravenous. No person had an idea how plenty the dog, whose leg turned into injured, left without ingesting something.

Fortunately,Wilmer DG was able to win the dog’s trust; the animal exhibited no hostile behavior. However, a veterinary facility was visited to treat the dog.

Happily, Wilmer DG became able to benefit from the acceptance as true with of the dog, who confirmed no aggressiveness.

For the first time in a while, he was also given food! He began to become better and better every day!