Amazing woman gives up everything to save hundreds of stray dogs

We can all imagine what we’d spend our money on if we were a millionaire: cars, a nice house, etc. But one woman decided to be incredibly selfless, using his fortune to save the lives of dogs instead.

Sebahat Hanifeoglu, a resident of Kastamonu, Turkey, has given up everything to help the homeless pups in her city. Her journey started when she first saw the hundreds of homeless pups roaming the streets. Some of them showed signs of abuse, and almost all of them showed signs of starv.ation.

Sebahat knew she couldn’t just leave the pups. At the same time, she also knew the improbability of saving all the homeless pups right off the bat.

She says that dogs are always welcome in this area through many fishermen don’t like them.

“Most of these dogs are abandoned by their owners, and many of them are female dogs because people don’t want to bear the burden of raising pups,” says Sebahat, adding that people just get the pups and as soon as they grow up, they abandon them.

It is his task to feed the pets, take care of them and take them to the coastline and run. It gives her a great deal of enjoyment when she aids the canines.

Of course, the pups loved to see their savior – and not just because she brought them food and water, or tried to build them better shelter. The pups knew that Sebahat truly cared for them, and they loved her for the companionship she offered. And after being cruelly abandoned by previous “owners”, it was only right that the pups finally had happiness in the form of a loving human.

The journey didn’t end there. To this day, Sebahat visits 5 areas on a daily basis to give abandoned pups everything she has (and more).

Fortunately, With the help of a few volunteers, Sebahat started building sheds to give the pups some shelter.



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