Brave Blind Dog Saves Drᴏwning Girl After Hearing Her Screaming For Help

Animals have always taught us a lesson about kindness and friendship; apparently, they keep doing this in a way that sometimes defies human explanation. The fact that there are many incredible stories of dogs saving the lives of humans, so it’s easy to get a few stories that demonstrate their courage and loyalty.

Meet Norman, a courageous yellow Labrador Retriever who saved the life of a girl named Lisa Nibbley from drᴏwning in the deep ocean. This story is an amazing example of the difference a rescue dog can make in saving a life. And what makes this story even more incredible is that this dog is bliɴd!

Norman was abandoned by his previous owners and then was taken to an animal shelter. Thankfully, a couple named Annette and Steve McDonalds rescued him from the shelter the day before he was scheduled to be euthaɴized.

Then one day, as Norman was walking with his owner Annette on the beach, they saw the little girl Lisa Nibbley in the water crying for help. At that moment, this hero dog knew exactly what to do.

The dog was seen nudging the exhausted woman with his nose to help keep her on the water’s surface.

The bystanders quickly called the fire department. The firemen that arrived rushed in to rescue the helpless woman from the rough waters that were surely going to cause her to drown.

The lucky woman certainly owes her life to the pod of dogs that came to her rescue.

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