Buried In Snow, This Man Films A Mountain Rescue Dog Saving Him

” If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I ᴅ.ɪ.ᴇ I want to go where they went”
Dogs are not only your best companions and loyal friends, but also, they’re the most vigilant protectors that will do all they can to keep you safe and sound, not worrying about going to Heaven.

Mountain Rescue Search Dogs England is a volunteer-based organization that is made up of mountain rescue search dog trainers, rescue search specialists, and rescue dogs who have recently uploaded a video in which this truth is once again reaffirmed. And indeed, not only is it life-saving but heart-warming as well.

In February 2019, MRSDE posted on its social network page. The poster asked the question:

“Ever wondered what it would be like to be buried in snow and found by one of our happy search and rescue dogs?”

The attached clip showed a simulation of a search and rescue dog digging a person out of the snow. You can hear her barking beyond the wall of snow. Using her paws and nose to dig through the snow, the rescue dog was able to clear the way and rushed toward the volunteer.

Eventually, you see her snout appear as she peaks through the opening she has created. Doing her best, the devoted rescue dog demolished the wall of snow with her body.

As the handler watches, Flo digs through the snow, trying her hardest to reach him. Eventually, she’s able to break through the snow and reach him. Flo’s tail wags as she runs up to her handler, and he makes sure to tell her she’s a good girl. Everyone fell in love with adorable Flo, and many people asked if it would be possible for her to come and rescue them!

Flo lives and works in England’s Peak District, and MRSD said she has only been working as a search and rescue dog since January 2019. In that time, she has already helped rescue more than 30 people! This good girl has some incredible skills. Takes about two to three years for the organization to train these dogs. During this training, pups learn how to ‘air scent.’

“The dogs will react to a human scent being blown towards them by the wind or air currents… The dog is very sensitive to any human scent it finds and will immediately follow that scent to where a human is located. It will then indicate to its handler to let them know it has had a ‘Find,’” MRSD wrote on their website.

MRSD also made sure to emphasize that all of the dogs get treats and praise as rewards during their training. These hardworking dogs deserve all the treats they want!





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