Oklahoma City Car Accident Lawyer

If you’ve been in a car accident, you know that recovering from it involves more than just getting medical help. Dealing with insurance companies can be a hassle, and they often offer little assistance. But don’t worry, at Cain Law Office, our experienced Oklahoma City accident lawyers are here to help.

About Our Car Accident Lawyer

With over two decades of experience, our dedicated team at Cain Law Office has a proven track record of recovering maximum compensation for injured victims. Founder Monty Cain has been recognized by the National Association of Top 100 Trial Lawyers and the Million Dollar Advocates Forum. Expertise has also named him the best car accident lawyer in Oklahoma City. Beyond financial recovery, our commitment extends to connecting you with the medical providers you need to get back on track.

Why Do You Need a Lawyer After a Car Accident?

Many of our clients have never been in this situation before. They may not consider themselves the type to sue, but accepting a lowball settlement offer from insurance companies is not an option. We understand the pressures you’re facing and the challenges that may arise from being seriously injured in a car accident.

It’s crucial to have a good understanding of the true damages you have suffered and negotiate from a position of strength. That’s where we come in.

How Our Oklahoma City Car Accident Attorney Can Help You

When you hire our Oklahoma City car accident attorney, you can count on us to:

  • Investigate your car wreck and identify who is legally liable for the crash and your injuries.
  • Locate all insurance policies providing coverage applicable to your accident and injuries.
  • Obtain your medical records and have them reviewed by experts to determine the full extent of your injuries and recovery prognosis.
  • Account for all past, current, and projected costs and losses caused by the car wreck.
  • File claims with insurance companies and negotiate for full and prompt settlements.
  • File a car accident lawsuit(s) when a settlement(s) cannot be reached.
  • Fight aggressively for fair and full settlements even as the lawsuit(s) moves forward.
  • Present a strong and comprehensive case in court, if required.

Speak to a Lawyer Before Talking to Insurance Companies

You may have already been contacted by an insurance adjuster. It is crucial that you decline to give a recorded statement, sign any documents, or accept any payment without consulting an experienced Oklahoma City auto accident attorney. Your rights to full compensation could be at stake.

Insurance adjusters offer lowball payments based on past payouts, not considering the true cost of your injuries. Our knowledgeable personal injury attorneys can help you determine what you truly need to recover and ensure you are financially whole at the end of your car accident claim.

How Much Is Your Car Accident Case Worth?

The value of your car accident case depends on the severity of your injuries and your long-term prospects for recovery. Compensation may include payment for medical bills, future medical treatments, lost income, diminished earning capacity, property damages, and pain and suffering. In extreme cases, punitive damages may be awarded to punish the at-fault party.

Schedule a free consultation with our dedicated OKC accident lawyers today to learn about the compensation you may be entitled to.

What You Can Expect When We Take Your Car Accident Case

After a serious car crash, the burden of physical and financial recovery can be overwhelming. At Cain Law Office, we strive to alleviate the pressure as much as possible. Here’s what you can expect when we take your car accident case:

  • We’ll set up a free initial legal consultation at a location convenient for you.
  • We’ll handle all upfront costs and work on a contingency-fee-basis, meaning you pay nothing unless we obtain money for you.
  • We’ll file all necessary paperwork, gather evidence, and respond promptly to your questions and concerns.
  • We’ll ensure you have the additional assistance you need, such as referrals for medical care and car repairs.
  • We’ll keep you informed about the progress of your claim and be your legal representatives and advocates.
  • We’ll serve as a buffer between you and insurers, creditors, and others involved in your case.

Contact us today to schedule a free consultation, and let us take care of your car accident case. Remember, we are here to fight for your rights and help you recover the compensation you deserve.

*[OKC]: Oklahoma City

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