Cats Created In The Laboratory Cost Up To Hundreds Of Thousands Of Dollars

Cats are one of the most loved pets by humans because of their cuteness and closeness. However, in the world, there is a breed of cat created in a laboratory, this cat breed costs up to hundreds of thousands of dollars and is known as the most expensive cat breed on the planet. It’s the cat Ashera.

The Ashera cat is the giant, rarest, and most expensive domestic cat on the planet. They have a height of up to 1m, a weight of about 15kg, and a lifespan of 20-25 years.

At the time of launch, the starting price of this cat was for sale by the company at $22,000, but in one auction, the highest price recorded for an Ashera female cat was up to $100,000, there are about 100 Ashera cats created each year, of which about 50 cats are sold in the US.

Lifestyle Pets company only makes a few of these cats because they want to keep their value. The rarer the cat, the higher the price. Moreover, customers will have to pay in advance and wait nine months to receive the product.

In terms of characteristics, the Ashera cat’s head is round and relatively small; the ears are triangular in shape, usually erect and directed forward; round, big eyes; The nose is small, slim, compact, and triangular, the tip of the nose is generally with a black border.

These cats have well-proportioned, picturesque bodies with a long backs, beautiful, straight spines, and long, slender legs.

According to the announcement from Lifestyle Pets, Ashera has four different hair types, short hair with thin hairs growing close to the body and very soft, mainly black, dark brown, fawn, and spots appear. Dark black or chocolate brown.

In particular, the most expensive version of Ashera today is the individual with the Royal Ashera coat with brownish-yellow color and strange spots on the cat’s body. Of the 100 cats released yearly, only a few have a limited edition coat.

Although classified as a noble cat, the Ashera cat is friendly with people, very close, and gentle with children. Other animals can also get along with these cats.

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