Choking To Watch The Rescue Of A 3m-Long Python Stuck On A High-Voltage Pole

In Thailand, a 3-meter-long python was in a precarious situation, stuck atop a high-voltage pole. Residents in Thailand’s Chachoengsao hamlet were astounded to see a 3m-long python curled tightly on the top of an electric pole, nestled among the wires. According to numerous neighbors, the snake crawled up the power pole to chase down and eat the bird. The three-meter-long python climbed to the top of the power pole, then lay down and refused to move. Fearing a ꜰɪʀᴇ, the electrician struggled for two hours to free the tenacious animal from the knotted cords.

The electrical system in Chachoengsao was immediately shut down, and rescuers were dispatched to the spot to remove the obstinate animal from the pole. Attempting to extricate a 3-meter-long python stuck in the theater pole despite the rescuers’ best efforts, the python seemed ᴅᴇᴀᴅ set on encircling the power pole. After a two-hour tussle, rescuers brought the python to the ground without harming the power cables.

This lizard, however, finds it difficult to find its way down when crawling up due to its poor vision, and they have established itself as a ᴍᴇɴᴀᴄᴇ to people’s daily electricity supply. Due to the impediments, Thais have attempted to install “skirts” on power poles to induce pythons and snakes to turn their heads. This approach is currently widely used in rural areas with many animals. This handled the problem of snakes and pythons creeping up electricity poles by “wearing skirts” made of various materials, solving the problem of “falling from the sky.”

Despite the failed rescue mission, the community was relieved that the authorities had attempted to help the python. They remained hopeful that a solution would be found in the future.

The situation highlighted the importance of wildlife conservation and the need for appropriate resources and equipment to handle these situations. It also served as a reminder of the risks that wildlife can face when they come into contact with urban environments.

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