Couple of Dogs Risk their Life to Fight and Bɪᴛ off a 1.5 Meter Snake to save Their Owner

There are many stories about the love and sacrifice of dogs for their owners that have shaken the world. And recently, another story about that wonderful love has once again brought tears to thousands of people.

A pair of dogs teamed up to Bɪᴛe off a 1.5-meter snake to save their owner.

An Indian family was lucky to escape thanks to two faithful pet dogs working together to chase and bite off a snake that entered the house.
According to the owner’s talk, the predatory buffalo cobra slithered into the yard while the whole family was resting at home in Salem city, southern Tamil Nadu state, India.

In the video, two dogs take turns grabbing the snake’s body and hurling it away. Dog quickly ᴋɪʟ.ʟᴇᴅ the snake, relieved that the whole family was saved thanks to Moana’s efforts. To prevent the cobra from entering the house, which can ᴀᴛᴛᴀᴄᴋ everyone in the family at any time, the dog sacrificed himself to confront the dangerous reptile. As a result, each snake grabbed a part of the snake’s body and pulled for 15 seconds, causing the snake to split in half.

The buffalo cobra (Ptyas) specializes in eating rodents that can grow up to three meters long. After breaking in two, the snake was still wriggling on the ground and was chased out by the dogs. India’s southernmost region is home to many dangerous and venomous snakes. Although not venomous, cobras can become extremely aggressive when defending their territory.

They often appear on farms or houses to find and catch mice.
Although they are not of the same species, and cannot understand each other’s language, this love is no different from family love. It is the love that people have for this loyal animal that touches their hearts, making them understand that the people who take care of them are their families.







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