Cry Mother Dog Chases After Car With Her Rescued Babies

Moms will do anything to make sure their babies are safe. No matter the danger, they will risk life and limb if they feel their little ones are t.h.reate.ned. Even though this is true for human moms, it’s also true for dog moms! The story of one little dog mom shows just how love a mom will go to be with her kids.

A dog rescuer named Karlee was alerted to a situation by some friends a few litters of puppies living under a woodpile at a construction site that was in the process of being demolished in Jeju Island, South Korea.

The locals realized that the wood scrap was going to be taken and demolished, the situation became urgent. Since the area was so large, it would take a team to find the pups in time.
Locals had tried pulling the pups out, but they were very scared. After three or four days, the little ones finally came out! So Carly started to help, putting some food and water to draw them out, finally able to tempt them from the massive woodpile and into their care.

They were initially really skittish but were lured to safety. Even with the first part of the “mission” completed, the team still had more to do. Puppies of this age weren’t living alone. Their mom was somewhere in the area, and the team had no idea how they would find her.
In her daily search for food or resources, who knows how far the mama dog roamed? Each day the team would see if they were able to find the mom hanging around the site. Finally, after days of searching, they got their first sighting.
And once they spotted her, she was even more skittish than her pups. Even tempted with treats and food, she refused to go near.

But one community member who feeds her had a thought to undertake to capture the dog; He said if he took the puppies, the mama would follow.

Finally, they tried using the only thing that was left. So, the man loaded up the pups in his truck and began the ten-minute drive to Karlee’s house. They’d need to make frequent stops over the several-mile trip to offer her water breaks, but it figured out in the end. And what does one know, mama, followed the way! In an incredible act of endurance and love, the mama dog chased the truck back the entire way to Karlee’s home.

Finally, they were take home mom dogs. It’d take a few weeks for the mother to urge comfortable enough to truly enter the house. But when she did, she was happy to relax as well as her young ones!