Cutest Puppy Goes Viral By Peacefully Watching The Rain

There are a million reasons why we love dogs so much! It might be because of their intelligence, or maybe because they’re making our lives easier due to their unique skills (service dogs for example). Dogs help us know fully well how to enjoy the little things in life.

While every puppy out there is adorable and sweet, apparently, some of them are just meant to be Internet sensations.
And an adorable small brown and white dog was caught on camera being adorable and taking time to enjoy watching the rain. If that wasn’t precious enough, the little pooch had his back legs crossed over one another! So cute!

While most of the dogs run away from the rain, this cute little puppy absolutely adores it. Every time it’s pouring rain, the brown and white doggie enjoys it like it would be the greatest show. He even crosses his back legs when watching it and that makes him even cuter.

“He does this every time it rains,” the dog’s owner said

The footage was captured last summer in the filmed last summer in Dongguan City in Guangdong Province, China.
Let’s all take a lesson from this cute pup and slow down enough to enjoy the rain, or some sunshine, or whatever little thing that brings us joy.

You may know how to tell if your dog loves you, but do you know how to tell your dog you love them back?

Often, the best way to tell a dog you love them is through mimicry. Dogs rely on facial expressions and whole body language to communicate. The better you understand canine communication and how your dog feels, the better you’ll be able to empathize and bond with them, expressing your love right back to them
1. Don’t be embarrassed to use your dog voice
2. Be a good listener: Your dog’s body language will tell you:
– a wagging tail

– eye contact
– a raised eyebrow
3. Loving gazes: Your dog’s eyes do much of their talking. You can communicate back to them using the same language of eye contact.
4. Facial expressions of love: Did you know that a dog will lean against you as a sign of love and trust? Unless the lean seems to be an anxious behavior or a not-so-subtle push toward the door, this body posture from your dog can be mimicked or reciprocated to show affection.

6. Cuddles and naps: And like humans, dogs thrive on physical contact. So while your dog may not enjoy a hug, a nice cuddle session offers the connection they crave.
7. Strolling: Dogs thrive on routine and schedule, so a daily walk with training mixed in will help your dog understand how much you love and care for them. Walks and adventures give plenty of opportunities to work on skills like loose leash walking and recall. These shared experiences and training sessions build trust, communication, and that pack connection.




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