Dog Can’t Believe His Dad Finally Found Him After 200 Days

This is the joyous moment a dog cries with excitement after it is reunited with its human dad.

Blue is a pit bull mix dog that has been missing from his Tennessee home for several months. His father hunted for him everywhere, but he had to go to Texas, assuming he would never see his beloved companion again until a friend noticed a shelter’s advertisement, writes animals-online.

In early April, the Washington County Animal Shelter received a call: a stray dog named Blue had shown up at a stranger’s house, looking for a safe place to rest. An animal control officer rushed over to pick up the pit bull mix and bring him back to the shelter.

“He was a happy-go-lucky dog,” Tammy Davis, the shelter’s executive director, told. “He was a little shy at first, and he wasn’t very fond of all the other dogs being around him, but he was extremely affectionate to people and very loving to the staff.”

Blue had gone missing from his Tennessee home six months before. His dad tirelessly searched for him but eventually had to relocate to Texas for work. He thought that he’d never see his dog again until his friend sent him the video of Blue on Facebook.

All that was left to do was confirm whether the man claiming to be Blue’s owner was telling the truth: “Blue’s favorite toy in the shelter was a blue squeaky ball and in our video, he was playing with that ball,” Davis said. “Once we started the conversation with the owner he said, ‘Yes, I have pictures of my dog.’ He sent us pictures of Blue in his home with that same blue ball, which was his favorite toy at home. It was crazy.”

Blue’s dad drove 1,200 miles to get his boy, and the reunion was everything they could have hoped for.

“She is intensely focused on caring for her young and can even become aggressive against the male dog in her urge to protect her litter,” she warns. “Even if the two dogs were best of friends before, this dynamic changes with pregnancy, birth, and motherhood.”

While every dog is different, most will show some sort of concern or empathy when they see their owners crying. They may come over and try to lick away the tears, nuzzle against you for comfort, or even start whining in sympathy. Some dogs will even fetch a tissue or toy in an attempt to help you feel better! It’s clear that dogs understand our emotions, and they do their best to console us when we’re sad. So if you ever need a shoulder to cry on, don’t forget about your furry friend – they’ll be there for you, no matter what.





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