Dog missing for months can not stop crying when his father finally finds him

This is the highly emotional moment a canine tearfully reunites his father after he goes missing. For greater than 3 months, Coco the dog was nowhere to be found, however, when his human friend finally finds him, the reunion is beautiful to behold.

We can hardly imagine the grief and worry Rustico Samson Jr. and his family felt when their precious pup, Coco, went missing from their home.

” There was a lot of sorrow therefore much pain,” Samson Jr. described. “I cried because he [Coco] is more than a pet. He’s family.”

Samson and his family searched for Coco every day for months without any luck, and with every passing day, it became less and less likely that they’d ever see their beloved pup again.

Three months had passed since Coco’s disappearance when Samson received the news that a dog matching Coco’s description had been seen in a parking garage.

Samson rushed over there, and as soon as he spotted the pup lying on the ground, he knew that it was his beloved Coco.

” Right then, when I saw a dog lying on the floor of that parking lot, I knew it was him,” Samson Jr recalls the moment. “I was a thousand times certain that it was Coco.”

When Coco noticed Samson, the little pup could hardly believe his eyes. Totally overwhelmed, he came over to Samson and cried his little heart out. He was so happy to finally be reunited with his daddy that he cried and whined while wagging his little tail.

Poor Coco was looking a little skinny and grubby when Rustico found him but was otherwise quite healthy. Now – safe and back at his family home – he is getting the love and attention he needs, with the family who always held out hope that he would return.



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