Dog Rescues Tiny Abandoned Kitten By Bringing It Home To Safety

You don’t have to be too big, to be a hero, and this tiny dog certainly knows it. All after a short walk turned into a life-saving mission for the 3-year-old Yorkie-Chihuahua-poodle mix. Thanks to her kindness, a helpless kitten got a second chance!

Hazel – an adorable dog – who lives with her mom Monica Burks in Abilene, Texas, has always been a gentle soul. She was only a few weeks old when her human mom adopted her, and ever since, she was sure the cute little pup will fill her heart with joy for the days to come. Nonetheless, Monica would have never thought her dog will – one day – turn into a life-saving hero. But that moment came on a rainy day!

Despite being a princess, Hazel always asks herself out for her needs, regardless of the weather. And so happened this time, too. But since was raining, Monica expected Hazel to shortly come back inside, but it wasn’t like that. So the woman started to worry, fearing her tiny furry friend might have been lost. But instead, the big-hearted dog was actually saving a life.

During her short walk, Hazel spotted a helpless stray kitten crying in the rain, so she immediately rushed to comfort her. Soon as she gained the little cat’s trust, Hazel guided her to the safety of her home. Each time the kitten hesitated and stopped in her tracks, Hazel encouraged the frightened animal to keep following her. Monica recorded Hazel bringing the kitten to her doorstep. And when the kitten couldn’t quite jump up the step into their home, Hazel picked the kitten up in her mouth and helped her inside.

Monica, who eventually caught on camera the sweet moment, couldn’t believe her eyes what she was seeing.

“There must be something called pure love,” the woman said. “I saw Hazel’s maternal instincts come to light!”

Once inside, the two rode to what would become her new home. Once there, the  handed over the kitten to the rescuers who could help her most. Obviously hungry, they began to bottle feed the kitten and wrapped her up to keep her warm.

The dog was very concerned about the cat and immediately became the kitty’s mother, best friend and protector.
The dog would watch the kitten as she played and the two take adorable naps together. Just like a real mom and baby, they spend all their time together and the dog makes sure her little kitten is safe.

For her adorable gesture, Hazel got plenty of treats, and since such an incredible story could have only ended one way, later that day, the tiny rescued kitten was adopted by Monica’s brother, Michael. The kitten, named Sheba, has now a nice warm place she calls home a loving family to care for her, all thanks to Hazel!









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