Dog who has never been inside before takes his first nap in a real bed

All she’d known for Sundae’s entire life was a junk-filled backyard and a cold garage. Rescued from a dog-hoarding situation in Oklahoma City by Country Roads Animal Rescue Society, the coonhound/Labrador retriever mix gave birth to a litter of puppies without ever stepping foot inside a home.

Mugglequeen – the owner of her who gave Sundae her name because it seemed to suit her sweetness and the beautiful chocolate, vanilla and caramel coloring on her face. At first, Sundae was cautious around men, but after her foster mom left a pair of her boyfriend’s shorts on the bed — Sundae’s favorite place — she started to warm up to him.

As soon as Sundae lay down to rest, her expression was relieved immediately. She was rescued from a hoarding situation. had never been indoors before. This is her very first nap, in bed, in a home. Her adoptive mother showed her what it means to have a warm bed.


Mugglequeen, Sundae’s foster mom, wrote on Reddit, “We’ve had her for about a week, and you’d never know she’s never been an indoor dog before.” “She’s entirely toilet trained, incredibly nice, and pretty polite on the inside,” the owner explained.

After so long has medical care and now Sundae’s only job is to wait for the right family to come along and fall in love with her.




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