Donkey Acts Like A Dog When He Sees His Dad Come Home

Few things are heartwarming than seeing a beloved pet eagerly welcoming its owner home. Whether it’s a wagging tail, excited barks, or an affectionate nuzzle, the bond between a human and their furry friend is special. But what if that pet isn’t a dog but a donkey? That’s precisely the case with a particular four-legged friend who has captured the hearts of many with his canine-like behavior.

When Brad and Kelly Blake adopted him in Arizona, Walter was just a child. Brad Blake said: “We have wild ᴛʜɪᴇᴠᴇs roaming the town. “Walter’s mother rеjесted him because she was too young.” “The Bureau of Land Management and the locals tried for 10 hours to get Walter’s mother to take him. Nothing worked, so we were called in and asked if we wanted to adơрt him. Of course, we said yes!”

Before long, Walter was adjusting to his new surroundings and connecting with new people, especially his father. Today, the rеscuеd donkey still lives in the Blakes’ home like any other dog that has grown to 150 pounds. “We have three German Shepherds, and they all adopted little Walter from day one. They helped us raise him and teach him house manners.” As a result, Walter exhibits many dog-likе personality traits, especially when his father returns from a business trip.

Walter will run up to him and snuggle up to him excitedly while wagging his tail as soon as he sees him.

Blake said: “Walter acted like he was a dog. “He wagged his tail and was very excited when we got home. He jumps and rubs me to fall in love with him. He even lay on the couch next to me to nap.”

“Every night, we all walk into the desert to exercise, and Walter runs around with our shepherds like he is one of them,” he added.

“We never imagined how much Walter would change our lives for the better,” Blake said.

This unusual behavior has brought the owner a lot of joy and made Charlie a local celebrity. Neighbors often stop by to see the donkey-dog hybrid in action and even take pictures with it.

Walter the donkey’s behavior is a testament to the power of socialization and the adaptability of animals. Its dog-like behavior has brought its owners joy and laughter and made it a local celebrity. Walter’s story is a heartwarming reminder that animals have the capacity for unexpected behavior, and every animal has a unique personality.

Check out the sweet reunion between Walter and his parents:


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