Emotion moment homeless man celebrates birthday with dogs

No birthday is complete without a birthday cake with a candle on top. Your one wish per year, how will you use it, and what will you wish for? Maybe a new car or a vacation to Malibu, mayhaps a wish for world peace or infinite amounts of money? Well, we know what one man wished for as his dream came true nearly as soon as the candles were blown out.

A man named Choco José Luis Matos has been living on the streets of Colombia for several years. According to the information we received, he ended up homeless after escaping from an ᴀʙᴜsɪᴠᴇ home.

The other day, a park-goer in Bucaramanga, Colombia, spotted a sweet scene playing out on some steps nearby. There, Choco and his dogs sat down together in the warm night air.
Choco was seen doing something unexpected and heartwarming for his dog: he threw him a birthday party. It was one recent act of love to his dogs that caught a bystander by surprise and brought his story to the world.

As the bystander looked on, Choco placed a party hat atop each of the pups’ heads. Soon, he revealed a cake and candles. Choco, of course, cut the first pieces to give to his dogs, offering more to each of them from his own plate and it’s hard not to get emotional over the fact that the cake, candles, and party hats probably cost the man a lot of money, but he still put in all that effort for his friends to have the celebration they deserved. It seemed that Choco was wiping a few tears himself.

And even though he had so little, Choco still decided to have a surprise party for his beloved pet, even singing for him.
The stranger recorded the sweet act, and the video soon went viral online. People were moved that this man would go out of his way to do something special for his dogs, even though he has so little.

After ending the video, the person filming approached Choco to ask about their lives and to offer help.

People have been donating food and supplies to Choco and his pets, and he’s also become quite a local celebrity.Turns out, Choco has spent the last several years living on the streets after escaping an abusive home. All the while, he’s seen to it that Shaggy and Nena never go without. And now strangers are doing the same for him.



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