Frogs Are Beautiful But Can ᴋɪʟʟ Us With A Single Touch

Vᴇɴᴏᴍ is not just a ᴡᴇᴀᴘᴏɴ of self-defense, but also to ᴀᴛᴛᴀᴄᴋ and ᴅɪsᴀʙʟᴇ prey in the animal world. Overcoming countless “heavyweight” opponents, this little creature is the world’s scariest ᴠᴇɴᴏᴍᴏᴜs creature: The fastest ᴋɪʟʟɪɴɢ creature!

The ᴘᴏɪsᴏɴ dart frog (scientific name: Dendrobatidae) is a group of frogs in the family Dendrobatidae specializing in living in Central and South America.

They are so named because their ᴠᴇɴᴏᴍ is used by the Indians to impregnate darts when ʜᴜɴᴛɪɴɢ.

At the top is the golden poison frog (Phyllobates terribilis) in Colombia, the most ᴠᴇɴᴏᴍᴏᴜs animal on the planet. The ᴘᴏɪsᴏɴ it secretes can ᴋɪʟʟ 10-20 men or 2 male African elephants. In particular, the skin of some species of this frog group contains a ᴘᴏɪsᴏɴ 200 times stronger than morphine.

Compared with other dart frogs, such as the black dart frog, bicolor dart frog, and Kokoe ᴘᴏɪsᴏɴ dart frog (Phyllobates aurotaenia), the ᴛᴏxɪᴄɪᴛʏ of the golden poison frog is many times higher. What’s more terrifying, their ᴠᴇɴᴏᴍ can last up to 1 year!

Their skin secretes ʙᴀᴛʀᴀᴄʜᴏᴛᴏxɪɴ, a ᴛᴏxɪɴ that ᴘᴀʀᴀʟʏᴢᴇs the ɴᴇʀᴠᴏᴜs system, ᴘᴀʀᴀʟʏᴢᴇs the muscles and leads to ᴅᴇᴀᴛʜ. The ᴠᴇɴᴏᴍ of a golden dart frog can ᴋɪʟʟ nearly 20 healthy men or even 2 male African elephants.

This frog has a rather vibrant and eye-catching appearance. However, don’t let that “eye-catching” look fool you because a human heart can stop beating quickly with just a tiny touch of the skin.

If you accidentally touch them, it does not mean you can get ᴘᴏɪsᴏɴᴇᴅ through the skin because they only excrete ᴘᴏɪsᴏɴ when feeling ᴛʜʀᴇᴀᴛᴇɴᴇᴅ, but not because they are comfortable.

Although tiny frogs have ᴠᴇɴᴏᴍ that can ᴋɪʟʟ even elephants, their ancestors, who lived 40 to 45 million years ago, were not ᴘᴏɪsᴏɴᴏᴜs. The reason they can secrete ᴘᴏɪsᴏɴ that they feed on ᴅᴇᴀᴅʟʏ organisms. This little frog usually eats an ant that contains ᴛᴏxɪᴄ alkaloids, and they don’t waste any part of this meal. After eating, ᴘᴏɪsᴏɴ dart frogs store the ᴘᴏɪsᴏɴᴏᴜs molecules in their glands and synthesize them into their own ᴘᴏɪsᴏɴ.

In recent years, researchers have been studying the ᴛᴏxɪɴs in dart frog ᴠᴇɴᴏᴍ, hoping to find new treatments for various medical conditions. Some of the compounds found in dart frog ᴠᴇɴᴏᴍ have been shown to have the potential as painkillers, muscle relaxants, and even ᴄᴀɴᴄᴇʀ treatments.

Dart frogs are a unique and fascinating group known for their ᴛᴏxɪᴄ skin secretions. While their ᴠᴇɴᴏᴍ can be ᴅᴀɴɢᴇʀᴏᴜs, it also has the potential to be used for medical research and the development of new treatments. As we continue to learn more about these remarkable creatures, we must work to protect their natural habitats and ensure their survival for future generations to appreciate and learn from.

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