Funny Video: Adorable Baby Elephants Slap Each Other Over The Head With Their Trunks

Recently, a heartwarming video of two elephants playing with their trunks was caught on camera and has gone viral on social media. The video shows two male and female elephants splashing water and playing games with each other in Thailand. The video has captivated audiences worldwide, who have fallen in love with the playful and loving behavior of the two elephants.

Prathom is a wildlife enthusiast and was the one who captured the footage; he said:

The gentle giants were eating plants before they began teasing each other and swinging their trunks around.

“The baby elephants are so friendly and cute. It makes me so happy to see them enjoying life in their natural environment.”

Thailand has around 2,000 elephants remaining in the wild. These two were seen at a national park in the Kanchanaburi province of western Thailand.

The strong bond between the two elephants is particularly striking in the video. They appear to be comfortable and relaxed around each other, and their playfulness and trust in each other are evident. It’s a reminder of the deep connections and bonds that can be formed between animals and how similar they can be to humans in their social and emotional behavior.

The video of the two elephants playing with their trunks is a beautiful and inspiring reminder of the joys of play and the power of friendship. It’s a testament to the incredible bond that can be formed between animals, and it’s a reminder of the importance of preserving and protecting these magnificent creatures for future generations to enjoy.

Watch the full video here:

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