Golden retriever parents sweetly watch over newborn puppies in video with over 14M views

Being a parent is hard work. You’re responsible for the feeding and safety of very tiny and helpless little creatures. It’s the same for these golden retriever parents who have the enormous responsibility of keeping their new litter of 7 newborn puppies safe and healthy. Although cute, it’s not always fun and games looking after puppies, especially when there are 6 or 7 of them!

But we’ve come across a video of a Golden Retriever mom and dad who make parenting look easy. The two dogs certainly make a dream team, as their owner films them watching over their puppies together, snuggling up to sleep with them, and laying together as the puppies have their feed.

The pups are very new to the world. They can’t open their eyes or use their legs quite yet. They’re so adorable as they utilize what little motor skills they have to move about.

The proud mama and papa lay amongst each other looking lovingly at the new pups as they huddle together. There are seven of them. All the puppies have been color-coded using colorful bandanas to mark them. This way, their owners can keep track of who’s who.

The puppies look to only be a few days old, and the mom seems to be exhausted! But luckily, dad is on hand to help, and as she puts down her head to take a much-needed nap, the proud dad stays on full alert as he watches over the sleeping pups.

Eventually, the dad begins to get tired too, but even as he puts his head lovingly on top of the mom’s, he can’t resist keeping one eye open for a few extra minutes so that he can check up on his little ones. You can really see just how much love these two have for their babies! They’re like a model family.

A final clip shows the mom and dad cuddled up together as the babies drink milk from their mom.
Honestly, this dad is so sweet. Not only is he taking care of their babies but he’s also caring for the mother of his babies.

A video of two golden retrievers, who have just become parents, has captured the hearts of many. The video has over 14 million views and over 160,000 likes. Your heart will melt watching the two with their litter.


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