Golden Spends So Much Time With Baby Goats That They Think She’s Their Mom

A mother’s love is powerful, even if the mom and children are not related – just take Loryn and her “kids” for example, a tight-knit family that is close as ever, despite being from different species.

Loryn is a beautiful, loving golden retriever and a mother of four. Loryn lives on a farm with her pet-mom Andrea and loves spending time with all the animals, especially when they’re babies.

When Andrea brought home the goat kids, Loryn became immediately fond of them and made it her mission in life to keep them safe and sound.

While they might not be related by blood, Loryn’s love for them was not diminished any less. Loryn’s maternal instinct was stronger than ever and she was filled with such a deep, pure love for the little creatures.

Loryn often would cuddle her kids. And when they got out to play and explore their surroundings, the adoptive mom was never far behind. She enjoyed keeping a loving eye on the four.

And the four kids seemed to have a pretty mutual attachment to her, never really wanting to stray too far from their loving doggie mommy.

This little adoptive family definitely showed that love is the true foundation of any family unit as species differences makes absolutely no difference – a lesson that humanity would be wise to take a lesson from.

Now Loryn lives on a farm with her owner, Andrea. The happy dog loves to spend her time socializing with all animals – especially all the little baby animals.


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