Grandpa Turns 100 and Makes Cutest Friendship With Tiny Kitten – Cats Rescue

Here is a story about a lovely grandfather of Maria Suarez who turned 100, who got the most precious present for his birthday. Maria claims that despite his age, he still feels like a child.

Maria and her family made the decision to surprise her grandfather with a lovely present in order to honor his life. To keep Manuel company, her family took up a lovely cat called Bloom.

“My grandfather knew nothing about this. When he saw her enter my house for the first time, her eyes lit up with excitement. He has always been a great lover of animals.

Manuel and Bloom became inseparable friends. They fell in love with each other at the first sight. The kitten is very attentive to the old man.

The kitten follows the man wherever he goes. The granddaughter of Manuel even says that the cat has given another 100 years of life to the grandpa.

He got much positivity and is a best friend. They like to spend all their time together. They even napped together after playing all day.

“My grandfather is 100 years old, and the kitten has given him another 100 years of life,” Suarez said. “He is always attentive to Bloom. They spend all day playing, and even take naps together.”

Seeing them makes Suarez so happy that she’s taken to documenting Manuel and Bloom’s time together.

Turns out, Suarez isn’t the only who thinks that her grandpa’s love for Bloom is worth sharing. At age 100, Manuel found his soulmate in Bloom. But in the forming of an adorable new friendship, those who love Manuel most have gotten something too.

“It has been a gift to see my grandfather so happy with his new pet,” Suarez said. “From minute one, they’ve had a special connection.”

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