Heartwarming Story Of A Dog Helped A Little Girl To Walk Again

How would you describe your ‘best day ever’? One service dog got a day off from his work assisting with the recovery of one special little girl. Thanks to BarkPost, and his tremendous support to his human, a Great Dane got to experience his very own “Best Day Ever.” Get the tissues handy, because this story is so beautiful it may bring a tear to your eye.


An 11-year-old with a rare ᴅɪsᴇᴀsᴇ that affects bone growth and limits mobility. Bella Burton was born with Morquio Syndrome. “It attacks her healthy bone growth,” Bella’s mother, Rachel Burton, told.

“So that’s why she’s short-statured.” She has found her strongest support in an unlikely place — a Great Dane named George, who will receive an award later this year for his devoted service to his owner.

Bella’s mother saw her daughter struggling with mobility issues, and she knew that she had to do something. She started volunteering at Service Dog Project, Inc. Before long, Bella met and fell in love with the Great Dane. Luckily for Bella, her mother decided to adopt the dog. From the moment they met for the first time, they fell in love. Bella talks about the importance of George changing her life. When she demanded someone to help her, he was there. Judging by his Geste, it looks as if George needs Bella as much as she needs him.

Over the years, Bella, who lives in Woburn, Mass., has used a number of tools to help her walk.

“I had wheelchairs, walkers, Canadian crutches, regular crutches,” Bella told. But earlier this year, Bella got George, a Great Dane service dog who has replaced the wheelchairs and walkers. “I lean on him like a crutch,” Bella told.

Thanks to the support of her beloved pooch George, a 130-pound Great Dane service dog, the youngster is finally able to move around on her own.

George accompanies Bella to school, to the mall, and wherever else the energetic 11-year-old wants to go.

“With George, she’s become so much stronger and active,“ Rachel about the duo. She explained that George is “the most loyal dog we could have hoped for. He’s 131 pounds, and she’s 43 pounds, but he’s just so chill around her. And he does anything she says.”

They decided to recognize George with their “ Canine’s Stylish Day.” This honor is awarded to the amazing Tektronix and aims to provide a stylish day for puppies.