Her Owner Threw Her Out On The Streets Because She Was Born Without Front Legs

The dog was abandoned in a cardboard box after her owner found that she was born without her front legs. For days on end, she lay crying in that soggy cardboard box on the streets of San Francisco. People would see the “adorable puppy” and pick her up, but make a hateful face and put her back in when they noticed her birth defe.ct.

When they saw the tiny dog, they were filled with compassion and immediately brought her to the San Francisco SPCA. Once the pup was safe, the shelter reached out to OrthoPets, a company that makes custom leg braces, orthotics, and prostheses for pets, and asked for help. Initially, the workers were skeptical about the puppy’s survival.

But within days of receiving love and care, Daffodil blossomed into a very affectionate and frisky puppy! The sweet girl had no idea she was disabl.ed, and simply wanted to be adored by her caretakers!

The workers were touched by Daffodil’s spirited demeanor and they give her a fair chance at life. They even used a special cast to get the puppy’s measurements for her own custom-fitted wheelchair!
Now that she has her wheels, Daffodil loves to go on walks, climb rock walls, and go up and downstairs. Can you imagine what a change this must have been for the cutie? We’d say she looks pretty happy about it!

Daffodil’s memorable first ride in her wee little wheelchair. She stumbles and falls, but there’s no looking back once she picks herself up again. What a champ! Daffodil’s new wheels allowed her hind legs to drive her anywhere she wanted to go — and we do mean anywhere!

Even better, once Daffodil was back on her feet, the SPCA found her a loving forever home! The SPCA has also updated that Olivia, one of Daffodil’s caretakers, has come forward to be the spunky girl’s forever mom! Daffodil is loving her days as mommy’s little princess!



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