Homeless Man Who Sells Chewing Gum To Feed His Dog Cries When His Pup Got Stolen

This story speaks about a Mexican old man called Alejandro who is loved in the streets as he sells chewing gum to earn his livelihood and his dog Sol. He just sells gum to get bread for Sol and himself.

Unfortunately, Sol was stolen one day leaving Alejandro with no option to do but look for him!

A woman called Alejandra Silva, who works at a gasoline station, said that nobody knows the incident’s information, and asked rescue groups to assist Alejandro.

A rescue group joined to assist Alejandro and took footage from the safety cameras of the gasoline station, but they found nothing. They posted many flyers in hopes that the dog is going to be seen by people.
A police enquiry brought one man in for questioning on September 25., but he was released after promising to return the dog.

A police source said : “The president of Cause Animale Nord, who admitted the theft of the animal in custody on Thursday afternoon, had placed the puppy in a foster family in Wattignies [in the Nord department].”

After being abducted on the streets of Mexican last month, Sol finally returned to his caretaker, a loving homeless man.

The puppy was reunited with its owner on Friday after Antony Blanchard, president of the Mexican-based animal welfare group Cause Animale Nord, admitted to the organization’s wrongdoing in the theft of the homeless man’s puppy.

“However, he challenged all violence, saying he acted for the good of the animal after a very insistent woman alerted him to the problem.”


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