Left With A Wonky Face After Being Badly Aʙᴜsᴇᴅ, He Ached For Love & Acceptance

We all know, that not just humans have feelings. Animals also have feelings, they also know love and sadness like humans. What’s worse is when they are rejected by their own family members. And today’s story is about this dog, a dog whose heart is broken because of rejection. A family promised to adopt him, and then returned him because he wasn’t “playful” enough.

Pepo was rescued from Spain by Animal Angels Global after he was located begging for food as a stray. They took him in and brought him to the UK to locate him a home.
But finding him a house became a lot harder than they thought.
With a serious underbite that causes her bottom teeth to stand out, a crooked nose, and out-turned feet, Pepo has been rejected time and time again because of the way he looks.

He ended up living in a temporary foster home for eight months while they posted on social media. When a regional news reporter named Dawn Timmeney heard about March, she decided to share his heartbreaking story on social media.

” I have actually been looking for a new family for a long time now and I’m asking yourself if nobody wants me due to my teeth,” one post read.

When Jo Strachan’s sis tagged her in the post, Jo fell in love with Pepo’s unique, sweet face. She filled out an application, and after thoroughly looking it over, the rescue chose that Jo’s house was the best fit for Pepo!

Jo claims her pooch runs like a ‘newborn lamb or foal’ thanks to carpal valgus on his front legs which quits him coordinating his feet properly.
However, in spite of Pepo’s past and wonky appearances, he is still just like any other dog and enjoys having fun and running around in his new backyard.

Jo says he is likewise extremely caring and grateful for whatever, and also snuggled up to her within hours of her adopting him and bringing him home.

” He truly is simply one of these animals where you think, how can he have been so mistreated and still desire human company and count on?” Jo informed. “It’s just amazing.”


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