Little Boy Cries Tears Of Joy When His Family Surprised Him With Puppy

Children are innocent beings who do things without thinking about harm or what they will say, on the contrary, they are so noble that it is something that comes naturally to them. An example of this is the case of this boy, who recently became popular on social media by crying tears of joy when a family give him a puppy.


The 6-year-old boy named Xander Mellor really loves dogs, so he always wants to have one. According to his mom Natalie Ellenburg, he had been saving every bit of change he had for almost 18 months in the hope of getting a puppy.

Natalie said: “Whenever I got back from work, I’d empty my pockets and him all the change left from the day. However, he did not know he was going to get his puppy so soon as I’d told him we needed to fill one more jar.” 

Xander received this priceless gift when his grandparents visited his house. When the two best friends met each other for the first time, Natalie captured the sweet moment on video and shared it on social media. Needless to say, the video went viral and pulled at the heartstrings.

The footage begins with the little boy waiting for his new puppy to arrive. He’s excitedly dancing around the house before he runs out the door when he sees a car outside.
Getting out of the car, his grandmother tells him to close his eyes. He does and she then makes him hold out his hands in a steady manner in order to be able to hold the puppy. She places the tiny little puppy in his arms and lets him open up his eyes.
The boy says his reason for sobbing is simply because “she’s so cute.”

This little boy is obviously an animal lover. Why do I say “obviously”? Just look what happens when his mom lets him hold a puppy. He starts bawling and when his mom asks him why he sputters out “she’s so cute…she’s so beautiful”.

When the tiny dog was placed in his arms, he could not contain his excitement and immediately burst into tears. The expression on his face is pure and priceless! He’s so happy to meet his new friend.

“This is the first puppy we’ve ever head, and we’ve named him Marshmallow, Mello for short

As if the moment couldn’t get any sweeter, the pup appears to be concerned about the little boy’s crying, and she knows exactly what to do to make things better!.



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