Little Girl Grew Up With Wild Animals As Her Only Friends – The Photos Are Pure Magic

For many people, wildlife is something they observe from a distance, behind the safety of a fence or a zoo enclosure. But for a rare few, wild animals are a part of their everyday life. One such person is Tippi Degre, who grew up surrounded by the wildlife of the African savanna and learned to forge unlikely friendships with some of its most magnificent creatures.

As a child, she grew up with wild animals as her friends. Forget about dogs and cats; Degre spent her days with animals such as leopards and elephants.

Degre is now a French actress and grew up as the daughter of nature photographers stationed in Namibia on the African savannah. Degre is called ‘real-life Mowgli,’ and you will understand why when you see her childhood photos.

Tippi’s upbringing was unique. Since the child’s parents were often out working, the little girl made fast friends with the amazing wild animals. She was able to get up close and personal with them.

“She was a fortunate little girl – she was born and raised until the age of ten totally in the wild,” Tippi’s mother, Sylvie, told The Telegraph. It was just the three of us living in the wild with the animals and not many humans.”

She saw firsthand the importance of conservation and the need to protect these creatures from human interference and became a fierce advocate for their protection.

The child’s safety was first and foremost. Sylvie Degre also shared that Tippi wants to become an ambassador for Namibia. Imagine what an incredible childhood she had. The memories are preserved forever in photos, and the Internet can’t get enough.

Tippi’s story is of courage and determination, of a young woman who refused to be limited by societal norms and followed her heart into the heart of the wild. But it’s also a story of friendship and the special bond that can form between humans and animals, even in the most unexpected circumstances.

See more of her lovely photos below:


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