Locals Work Hard To Rescue Mother Dog With Her Puppies After Landslide

There is no love as strong as the love of a mother. That because clearly evident when rescuers saw what a mother dog was doing for her puppies.

India is one of the places with the most severe weather in the world so stray animals are improbable to survive under this harsh weather.

This story is about a poor dog, stuck in the mud, created by heavy rain. In order to let the weak children live, the mother dog barked to save her cubs with her body until the last minute, the mother dog’s actions touched millions of hearts.

The man stretched out his hand curiously to touch the big dog but found that its body had been injured. The big dog lying on its side to save pups, finally surrounded the 7 cubs in this embracing position, trying to give the children the last remaining warmth. The mother dog is buried in the rubble, she tries to bark to get everyone’s attention.

Fortunately, some kind men heard about him and decided to help him by digging deep in the mud to pull him out!
After reaching the dog, they also found another 2 newborn pups stuck in the mud! So, they were also able to free them!

All the puppies were washed with water and they were all fine! The pups were then able to reunite the puppies with their mamma!