Man Gave Up Retirement Plan and Start An Animal Shelter in India

Most of us wanted to go far away and relax for our retirement. At first, that was Leslie Robinson’s plan, when he reached 70 years old he wanted to retire in the Himalayas. He stopped at Tamil Nadu, India, and there he found his inspiration to stay for the next ten years.

Ever since he was a child, the man knew that helping rescue puppies and other animals were his calling. As an animal lover, during his stay, learned that local authorities are planning to [ᴋ.ɪʟʟ] street dogs as a way to control the population. He has done 100 phone calls to delay the plan and suggested an alternative population control. Instead of traveling to the Himalayas, he instead starts the Arunachala Animal Sanctuary and Rescue Shelter.

Somehow, he always managed to find the dogs who needed him the most, like Butters, who was .ᴀ.ʙᴜsᴇᴅ by someone who tried to sell him to a shelter.

“I always knew that when I was older I would have a house filled with rescue dogs, so seeing where I am now isn’t much of a surprise to me or anyone who knew me growing up. Ever since he was a kid, Leslie knew he was destined to help animals. He used to spend a ton of time at the shelter near where he grew up, learning about the rescue process and getting to know the people involved in it. “

Now, Robinson works with a team of 23 to help as many stray dogs as possible. At the shelter, the dogs are provided with water and food, space to roam, veterinary care, and plenty of cuddles

“The inspiration just comes from loving dogs and knowing that you are not only saving a life, but when rescuing a dog you are allowing the space for other rescues to possibly get adopted too.” He added: “It’s a win-win and a beautiful feeling.”

More often than not, Leslie doesn’t go looking for dogs to adopt. He’s met some of his dogs just hanging out at shelters, spending time with animals in need, and some of his dogs he happened upon in the weirdest ways. Leslie Robinson’s choice to enter the animal rescue world is truly inspiring. Thousands of animals in India owe their lives to his kindness.



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