Man Gives Everything Up To Travel Across 48 States And Rescue As Many Dogs As Possible

Meet Lee Asher, a typical LA guy with quite an extraordinary pet family – the man happens to have 9 rescue animals.

“I always knew that when I was older I would have a house filled with rescue dogs, so seeing where I am now isn’t much of a surprise to me or anyone who knew me growing up,” Asher, who runs a finance company, told.

Ever since he was a child, the man knew that helping rescue puppies and other animals were his calling. So far, Asher has rescued 16 pets.
In college, Asher used to pull dogs from shelters and help find them loving homes. He’s rescued 16 animals in total, but today he has seven dogs and two cats, some of whom are “foster fails.” His dogs are Yaffa, Molly, Cali, BoBo, Butters, Haven, and Lillie, and his cats are Whiskey and Goose.

He calls some of them “foster fails,” which means he was supposed to keep them only temporarily, but he fell in love and adopted them definitively.

“The inspiration just comes from loving dogs and knowing that you are not only saving a life, but when rescuing a dog you are allowing the space for other rescues to possibly get adopted too.” He added: “It’s a win-win and a beautiful feeling.”

More often than not, Asher doesn’t go looking for dogs to adopt. He’s met some of his dogs just hanging out at shelters, spending time with animals in need, and some of his dogs he happened upon in the weirdest ways. He found Molly while his mom was getting her watch fixed at a jewelry store across the street from a shelter in Florida, and found out about Haven when his ex-girlfriend was visiting her family in Texas.

Somehow, he always managed to find the dogs who needed him the most, like Butters, who was abused by someone who tried to sell him to a shelter when he was just a puppy, and Lillie, who was found sleeping in the mud behind a dumpster.

Asher said. “She had to wait three long weeks before she was available for adoption. I would visit her three to four times a week and I kept telling her, ‘We are going to have so much fun when I get you out of here.'”

His dogs come from all across the country and make up the cutest, most unique little family ever.