Man Left And Told His Dog To Wait, But He Never Came Back For Him

Dogs really are man’s best friend. They are such loving, loyal companions, and their love can mean the world to people — especially those who have so little else like homeless people. In the story below we see a loyal dog.

A man lost his job and set out to find another. He promised his dog he’d be back for him, and the pup waited like the loyal dog he was.

Man was going to have her live with some friends of theirs. He said goodbye to their beloved girl and started setting out to find work another. The dog got all the love and care she needed in her new, temporary home. But despite this, she couldn’t help but feel incredibly homesick. She missed her family terribly and could not stop thinking about them.

Eventually, after four long months, she just couldn’t take it anymore. And so, she left. The poor boy had to go out looking for food, and the local dogs attacked him.

Sadly, his owner never came back, and Nulli suffered alone. He became a stray dog but was luckily rescued by some kind people. Nulli needed to visit a vet right away, and they’d step in where his owner had failed. He had wounds hidden behind his hair.

Hope the puppy gets a good loving home with lots of attention and hugs !!!!







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