Man Passed Away Leaving Dog with a Broken Heart And A Sign Round His Neck

If you’ve ever adopted an animal who has seen and experienced things no living being should ever endure, you’d know how hard it is for them to regain its trust in humans. But love and time are the two most powerful things that heal all ᴡᴏᴜɴᴅs. That’s why it’s very refreshing to see a happy story with a great ending.

This homeless man from South Asia was made to leave his tiny puppy with an empty bowl and a sign around his neck with the text ” I’m hungry”.

A local farmer heard about the puppy. He voluntarily takes in unwanted dogs and puppies when he can. He drove for a few hours and found the puppy exactly where his owner left him, still with the sign that reads ‘I am hungry’ around his neck.

Being a very poor area, where people struggle to feed themselves and their families, most of the people didn’t notice the helpless pooch. The puppy’s eyes lit as soon as he saw the kind man. He instantly sensed that the farmer was there to help him. The man gave the pooch some food and water that he inhaled in seconds. He was very hungry.

He will remain with his foster dad until he’s matched with a forever home. The man calls the vet the next day and the puppy is examined and then vaccinated. We are so grateful for people who do so much for animals despite economic hardship.

Now the lonely pup is lonely no more! It’s so heartwarming to see that this puppy, that was all on his own, can officially say goodbye to his struggles… for good!


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