Man Saves Stray Cat Cowering In the Middle of Busy Highway

Love. It is truly the most powerful force in this universe. It can even transcend species. Love is something that touches us all, and when it does, there is no limit to the lengths that we will go for those we love, as demonstrated by one dog owner.

A motorist spotted a cat stranded on a busy highway and then he spotted something white on the road. At first, he thought it was a piece of plastic. But as he got closer, he noticed pointy ears — it looked like a cat.

“I was driving in JB with my Son towards Danga Bay (recreational park in Malaysia) when I spotted this kitty stranded along the center divider of the highway couldn’t stop immediately so I had to make a round trip again to rescue this poor baby,” he said.

Masuri slammed on the brakes. Traffic roared past and drivers beeped, but Masuri was undeterred — he leaped out of the car and hurried over to the cat, who was pressed against the concrete barrier, shaking with fear.

“It was traumatized and covered in dirt,” Masuri, cofounder of Kitty Konnexion Community, an organization that helps stray cats in Singapore and Malaysia, told. “[The cat’s] body was trembling and covered in its own waste, but it didn’t put up any struggle or even try to run away from me.”

Masuri picked up the cat, whom he named Danga Boy, and put him into the back seat of the car. Danga Boy meowed loudly and hid under the seat, but he also seemed relieved to be off the highway, according to Masuri.

Masuri has no idea how Danga Boy got on the highway in the first place, but he had a theory. Whatever had happened to Danga Boy had resulted in a ғʀᴀᴄᴛᴜʀᴇᴅ leg — it was so bad, that Danga Boy couldn’t move his leg at all.
Masuri drove the cat straight to a veterinary clinic, where Danga Boy has since been getting treatment.

Despite the past burdens that weighed him down, Danga Boy chose to embrace the present and thrive with his new family! He began looking forward to those liberating car rides, beach trips and play-dates. He has started to have outings, he has been very excited about each trip, he is happy to run and jump on the sea every afternoon. Danga Boy is truly an inspiring survivor and an underdog champion!