Man Travel The Strееts оf Mexico on A Tricycle Rеscսing Homeless Dogs

While most of us are so indifferent when it comes to helping innocent animals, some are capable to do impossible things for the seeks of the four-legged ones. It’s the case of Edgardo Perros, a humble man from Mexico, and his huge heart.

In 2013, the kind-hearted man started his mission, born out of his compassion, empathy, and kindness for stray dogs. Steve embarked on a journey from California to Indiana. Although some people in circumstances like Steve’s might have abandoned their dogs at a shelter before moving, Steve refused to leave his dogs behind.

He was pushing a trolley along the road surrounded by dogs. Dogs were on top of his trolley. Dogs were behind him, in front of him, and by his side. Tails were wagging furiously, barks were sounding and he just kept pushing his trolley through the heat. And he took a trolley and begin his 9,500 miles journey around Mexico.

The man decided to take all 10 dogs with him even though he knows how difficult the journey will be. They are family to him, so leaving them behind wasn’t an option. With only a bike, a cart, and his family of dogs, one of which was a mother with newborn puppies, he pedaled his way across the country.

He kept pedaling for about 2,000 miles until he was spotted by a woman named Alicia Edrington.

Edrington’s mother, Mickey, sent out a call for help and gathered money to provide a night in a hotel room for Steve and his traveling dogs.

” It is never too late for us to do something good, no matter what mistakes we have made in the past,” Edgardo told Quinta Fuerza. “Even if there is no food or medicine, I try to rehabilitate them with love and affection and put them up for adoption.”

So far, Edgardo “Perros” Zuniga has managed to help around 500 dogs and he’s only 900 miles away from achieving his goal. Over the last six years, this man walked more than 8,500 miles pushing a trolley full of food and medicines for dogs. He admits sometimes he took some daily jobs to feed himself and his furry friends, but he said he also relied on the kindness of people he met.

The 49-year-old says he begins this journey “to awaken people’s consciousness.” According to him, it’s not the dog’s fault they live on the streets, but their owners’

.“What hurts me the most, is not the battered, hurt…dogs. It is the person that is doing it,” Edgar said. “I work with the strength of the animal, what I do, I do out of love for them, not out of pity. Dogs don’t care if it’s raining if we are crossing a desert, or if they’re hungry, they will always be by my side.”


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