Marvel At The World’s Largest Giant Frog, 1m Long, 8kg Weight

African cuisine always makes people surprised, even somewhat terrified. In particular, some animals in our country are normal, but they are many times larger in Africa, most notably frogs. This frog, called Goliath, can live in water and on land. Biologists confirm Goliath to be the giant frog in the world.

# The Giant Frog In The World

They are abundant in the sub-equatorial forests of West Africa, where there are fast-flowing rivers and tropical jungle, which is hot and humid all year round. Like the frog family, Goliath giant frogs are amphibious and can live in water or on land.

The weight of female frogs can reach 7kg, and male frogs are 8kg when mature. The length from the mouth to the end of the foot of the Goliath frog is up to 1m. The weight of this frog often depends on living conditions. They are unsuitable for captivity, even in places with a regular but controlled diet, like a zoo.

They die quickly; the most extended lifespan in the semi-natural environment is only five years. However, in the wild, Goliath can live up to 15 years. The back skin of giant frogs is green or a combination of black and olive. Black creates a pattern, making it easy for them to hide from ᴇɴᴇᴍɪᴇs.

Looking at the bulky body, you would think they can only sit in one place. But the giant frog Goliath can swim very fast and jump very far. Their leaps can be as far as 3m. Along with a long tongue, the big frog can easily “snag” its prey in a split second. A mouse can hardly escape ᴅᴇᴀᴛʜ when the frog Goliath throws its tongue out.

However, the favorite food of giant frogs is still insects, shrimp, crabs, small snakes, and small fish. Sometimes they eat their fellow frogs.

Nature gave the giant frog Goliath good hearing but forced them to be “ᴅᴜᴍʙ” because they did not have a laryngeal sac. Like other frogs, during the breeding season, the male Goliath frogs will incubate eggs in their mouths. In each litter, thousands of baby tadpoles will be born.

In other species of frogs, when it comes to breeding season, the male frogs will make calls to attract a mate. The giant male Goliath frogs do not know what to call, so their attraction to mates is still a mystery to scientists.

Despite being a giant frog, the tadpoles of this species are relatively small; they are only 1.4cm long. Tadpoles and Goliath frogs are very difficult to survive in the natural environment because of many ᴅᴀɴɢᴇʀs lurking in other species. They also eat each other, so the number of frogs that can endure to adulthood is tiny.

# Is This Frog Edible?

The meat of this giant frog is white and sweet, so many gourmets are willing to spend a large amount of money to enjoy them. Even people find ways to get them and keep them as pets in the garden.

Currently, the habitat conditions are narrowed, the rivers have become polluted, and the massive fishing situation has caused the number of giant frogs to be severely reduced. Many species of frogs have become endangered by human activities, and we also need to protect them because frogs play a crucial role in nature.

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