Meet Chata, The Adorable Kitten That Kitten That Sleeps Like A Human

All cat-lovers know that if there is something cats love more than anything, it’s sleeping. They’ll sleep during the day, the night, at lunchtime, at breakfast, whenever they please. They sleep on our beds, floors, faces, laptops – wherever they fit, basically. And now, one little kitten sleep with that serene expression, like nothing can interrupt their inner peace.

Meet Chata, the cat is adorable enough with his stumpy little legs, but when he sleeps he enters a whole other level of precious. He has adopted a very special, very adorable way of sleeping; he sleeps flat on his back just like a little human.

Chata’s parents have said in the posts that the droplet from heaven always sleeps in these weirdly cute positions. The orange and white furball who is two-and-a-half months old has already found a place in netizens’ hearts.

Life is truly full of adorable little surprises.

Just when we thought kittens couldn’t get any cuter we discover this little furball.

We’d be so tempted to touch those little feet!








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