Meet Freddy, The 7-Foot Great Dane Is The Tallest Dog In The World

Meet Freddy the Great Dane! Major the Great Dane found fame for his size – measuring 41 inches from his paw to his shoulder and 85 inches on his hind legs – and even appeared on Good Morning Britain.

Claire Stoneman, Freddy’s owner, always knew that Freddy would be taller than the other Great Danes, but little did she know that this dog would eventually become the tallest dog in the world! And like all pet moms, she’s incredibly proud of Freddy and loves him so much, happy with his massive physique.
He reaches a maximum length of 7 feet and 6 inches, which is understandably large enough to frighten people and dogs. For all of Freddy’s attention, Claire chooses to take him for a walk very early in the morning when no one else is up.

Owners Brian and Julie Williams describe Major as having “the biggest heart in the world”.

As big as he is, though, Freddy is actually a gentle giant who loves napping and couch chewing, plus snacking on his dog’s favorite food. Freddy is also a devoted brother to his sister, Fleur. Claire often posts photos and videos of the sibling duo on their dedicated social network.

Freddy and his sister Fleur are cost Claire thousands of dollars a year just to keep them happy and healthy.

Unfortunately, Freddie passed away earlier this year, but his legend lives on!

Brian, 57, from South Wales said: “He was a fantastic dog, and a huge part of mine and Julie’s life. He will never be replaced. People would come for miles just to see him. “




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