Meet Marley, The Cat Who Was Born With A “Monday Morning” Face

That’s not fair when Sunday flies so fast and we have to cope with a long and boring Monday.

Meet Marley – gifted with a unique look. Just take a look at his face and you’ll know why he’s known as the grumpiest cat of the year. His face is like someone who just woke up on Monday with a pissed face.

As you can see, Marley is a ginger cat who has 2 “eyeliners” running down his adorable face, turns out he looks really crumbled and people early ask him if he is upset.

In fact, the California-based kitty Marley is always happy and loving inside, not like what he permanently displays to the world. He is living with another buddy Sherman, a curious-look cat who has beautiful blue eyes. When the owner puts them together in a photo, it just looks like Marley is really annoyed at Sherman’s presence. Regardless of delivering grumps on the Internet, cat lovers just can’t stop laughing and constantly sharing his photos across social media. No matter how grumpy and stern Marley looks, we can’t deny how popular he is with almost 100K followers on Instagram.












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