Meet Winnie, The Cocker Spaniel With The Most Beautiful Eyes In The World

Adorable puppies are programmed to win people’s hearts at first glance but in this specific case of unbelievable cuteness, it is nearly impossible to resist going “awwww.”

Meet an unreasonably cute doe-eyed cocker spaniel from the UK called Winnie. Her mesmerizing hazel-colored eyes and long fluttering eyelashes would make you think that Lady from the Disney movie Lady and the Tramp has come to life.

Dubbed as the ‘real-life Lady’, Winnie is currently winning the hearts of all dog lovers on social media. Over these past few weeks, photos of her have been constantly being shared on the internet. And this charming cocker spaniel from the UK really deserves all the love and attention she’s getting right now.

Her owners wanted to document Winnie’s adventures and share it to the world. The remarkable dog was born nine days after. A week after her birth, her first photo was posted on her Instagram page.

As of this writing, winnie_thecocker already has almost 350,000 Instagram followers and over 180,000 TikTok followers. Just like the elegant canine character from the cartoon, Winnie also possesses that big charming eyes and unreasonably long eyelashes. Of course, people are quick to point out the noticeable similarity. So, it’s no wonder that Winnie is gaining a massive following on Instagram and TikTok.








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