Moo, The Adorable Dachshund That Looks Like He Has The Body Of A Cow

Meet Moo – just about the cutest seven-month-old Dachshund whose fur is adorably mismatched.

A lovely dachshund breed, Moo is distinctive with its sporty look. It is black and white spotty fur will be simply mistaken for a Dalmatian breed.

Moo has what is known as piebald fur, this results in unpigmented white spots of fur appearing on his natural coat.
Moo is a seven-month-old canine owned by proprietor Victoria Hoffman in Miami. His head is black like a common canine however under the neck, Moo has black and white spots. His complete physique is black and white spots and a little of his tail is black once more.

“They’re surprised to find that it’s actually just his natural coat,” she said.

And his very distinctive look has made Moo a lovable pooch on Instagram. Photos of this lovely canine have been for sure going viral. In nearly 50 posts Moo in Miami has over 13,000 followers. Okay, which may be much less for some however Moo is new to the gram.






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