Photographer Captures Magical Moment Two Frogs Sharing A Sweet Hug In The Rain

The animal kingdom is always full of magical moments, but not every one of us is lucky enough to witness such wonderful scenes. Thankfully, we still can admire those beauties through the heartwarming photos captured by devoted wildlife photographers worldwide. With their endless passion and excellent skills, they open a fascinating new world that we have never known before.

Wildlife photographer Ajar Setiadi has always been drawn to capturing the secret lives of animals and reptiles in his hometown of Bogo, Indonesia. This passion inspired him to pick up a camera years ago in an attempt to document the unique snakes, frogs, lizards, birds and insects he’d spent hours watching.

In February, he was outside during a storm when he noticed one frog seeming to sweetly shield another from the elements while seeking shelter under a flower umbrella.

Capturing these magical interactions takes a lot of patience, but for Setiadi, it’s always worth it. “I let [the animals] act,” Setiadi said. “I’m just waiting for the best moment.”


As soon as he took the photo, he knew it was something special, speaking to he said “I could only get a few frames because this moment can’t be repeated.”







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