Photographer Takes 20+ Photos Of Animals Act Like Humans, And They Nailed It

People often think that humans are the most intelligent creatures on Earth, but actually, they just don’t understand animals. Of course, they don’t. Animals are intelligent in their own way, and in their territories, humans will be losers. In fact, humans are nowhere near as special as what we’re mistaking. Dogs doing math, parrots talking, pigeons finding their way home… are perfect examples. Sometimes, animals are even more “human” than the humans themselves.

There’s a subreddit where people share photos and videos that can reveal animal consciousness, intelligence, and emotion. And let me tell you, the evidence is pretty convincing. Continue scrolling and check out some of the subreddit’s all-time most popular posts.

#1. “It’s WINE O’Clock, Hooman!”

#2 She Barks To Call Him. He Comes, They Rub And Greet Each Other And They Go For A Walk

3. This Is How A Baby Gorilla And A Baby Human React To A Cold Stethoscope

4. “A Little Colour Here, A Little Colour There… Uhm, Perfect.”

5. “Hmm? What Is She Even Talking About? Nonsense!”

6. Do you marry me?

7. “I’m Not Angry, I’m Just Disappointed.”

8. “What The Heck? Are You For Real?”

9. “Back Off Hooman! It’s Mine Now.”

10. . “God, My Skin Is Just Too Dry Lately.